UNIBORE upper and lower slide gate technology

Co-moulded nozzles are used in areas where there is long arduous casting environments such as, continuous casting and automatic casting lines associated with the manufacture of automotive parts. Co-moulded nozzles can extend the service life of the casting stream with reduced erosion factors, the inserts can be manufactured in various grades of material ie, Zr, Mgo, etc

Welcome to Pyemetric Refractories

We are a UK based independent refractory manufacturer.

We supply world-wide patented technology for the control of molten metal into the foundry and bulk steel manufacturing sector. Pyemetric Refractories have manufacturing bases in the UK, USA and India serving worldwide refractory markets. Our service centres are located in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Japan, China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, NAFTA, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Our manufacturing plant is based on Teesside, renowned for the manufacture of iron and steel.Our plant produces many kinds of refractory nozzles including co-moulding with Zirconia to give very long cast durability combined with excellent wear resistance.

We pride ourselves on our product and customer service whatever size project.

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